When should I start shopping for my wedding dress?

This has to be one of the most common questions we get asked, everyday if not multiple times.
We advise as a boutique that you give yourself ATLEAST 12 months – 12-18 months is the sweet spot, and here we will tell you just why….
  • Designer lead times can dictate this time frame, some designers require a 12 month lead time due to dress detail/material/location within the world.
  • You start your alteration 8-10 weeks before your wedding, so if a dress time has a lead time of 8 months plus, this doesn’t give you much time from your dress arriving to your fittings starting, and we do not want any stress on you as the bride. Full enjoyment throughout your journey is our aim!
  • This is rare, but if there is shipping delays that are out of our control, we would hate for this to have a knock on affect to the time in which your dress then arrives with us.
  • You want this to be a nice, un-rushed time, where it is all done at a nice pace, relaxed, and then once your dress is ordered you then fill that time before she arrives with us, doing things like bridesmaid dresses, finalising your colour scheme, your flowers, as once you have chosen your dress everything becomes so much easier to envisage!
We hope this helps, please spread this message far and wide, as we would hate to not be able to help a bride if her lead time is too short, fortunately we do have our Luxury OFF THE PEG store, but if you know as the bride, or as a friend of the bride that she wants a brand new dress, made for her….then 12-18 months is when we would love to see you, to help you find the one!
Any questions do ask, as always!
Lots of love
Team Dotty
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