The Boutique

Dotty Bridal is a multi award winning boutique, nestled in the picture perfect town of Holmfirth (near Huddersfield) and it is certainly not your average Bridal Boutique.
When designing the look of the boutique and the branding, I wanted it to be welcoming and luxurious without being overwhelming or pretentious. We invested a lot of time into carefully curating a place where the bride and her guests feel at home.
I really believe that the boutique stands out from the rest, mainly due to the unique, homely style of the shop and our extremely high and friendly level of customer service.
I’m never one to follow the norm and that was the last thing I wanted for the boutique. I wanted to create a whole different perception of bridal, moving away from the stuffy feel that many refer to when asked about bridal boutiques. We go above and beyond for our customers, offering a more personal shopper approach rather than just a try and buy style of service.
Our bridal consultants are all highly trained, coming from many backgrounds such as large high street retailers and well known London design studios. The whole team are extremely skilled in offering ‘on-trend’ style advice and love to help brides on their journey to finding their dream wedding dress. We love discussing  what shapes and silhouettes flatter differing figures, what colours compliment certain skin tones, everything right down to what underwear is best for the bride’s specific needs.

One of the things I’m asked on a regular basis is ‘who is Dotty?’ So let me shed some light on the story behind the name. Dorothy Taylor was my Great Great Grandmother, an amazing woman who, unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting. Grandma Dorothy was such a strong woman with no fears and a big kid at heart. Always knitting, sewing or cooking the way we all imagine a good old-fashioned grandma to be. Together, Grandma Dorothy and Granddad Willie ran the local grocers shop for a number of years, selling everything you can imagine in the days before the supermarkets and she always had a story to tell. So it only felt right to continue on that story, in the hope that I can be as strong and successful as my dearly loved Grandma Dorothy – Dotty Bridal.

Shannon & Beth xxx