What to wear/bring to your bridal appointments
A question we get asked more often than not – preparation is the key right? So we love to answer this question because we want you to feel prepared, and ready for your appointment in which you COULD find the one!!!
Talking to yourself in a positive and exciting way before your appointment is our NUMBER 1 tip! So many tell themselves they are scared, nervous, not excited, wont find the one and this thought process can affect, and have a negative impact on your experience. So first up is starting to be kinder to yourself, about yourself and about the prospect of finding the one!!! EEEKKK Exciting!
We also would advise to BRING the right people with you to your appointment, those that will enable you to think and envisage your day coming to life, those that will empower you and allow you to choose a gown that is YOU and makes YOU feel your best!
Now material wise… you don’t need your shoes or any other form of accessory, but If you already have them by all means bring! Some brides already have their chosen bridesmaid dress so they bring that too (although we think you should be the priority – find your gown first and then your girls)
Underwear wise – nude and seamless is best! Bras are optional, and this is only really important with a gown that is potentially fitted, those opting for an A-line or a ballgown can quite easily get away with any underwear they please, as your dress will hide them!!
We will be in contact with you before your bridal appointment, or the shop you are visiting should be, and at this point do ask them any questions, air any concerns, and do your research before turning up at the appointment. Ensuring you feel as in control, as relaxed and as ready as possible!!
Finding your dream gown is EXCITING! A daunting prospect of course, but it’s a decision that will have to be made at some point, unless you are considering wearing your pyjamas down the aisle – (stranger things could have happened) so when you come to making that decision, feeling as prepared and as ready as possible and as empowered as possible is the way you want to feel!
Good Luck and let’s find that dream dress!!!
Love Team Dotty!
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