What to expect at your first appointment

What to expect! Eeeekk probably lots of excitement but it can also feel very overwhelming and daunting! So let’s just put your minds at ease right away with the following…
–     The right dress WILL find you, you cannot be sold to when it comes to your wedding dress, a stylist is there to advise, guide and HELP you! So please do not worry about this, and if you see it or experience it – you probably aren’t in the right shop for you!
–     A stylist has helped 100’s of brides, so please do not worry about undressing in-front of us – as women we are our own worst enemy when it comes to body confidence, but rest assured we are often not even looking, we are too busy sorting the dresses out, but we also know how it feels and therefore want you to feel at ease and totally comfortable with us.
–     You will probably be contacted before your appointment to just check what dresses you are loving, when your wedding is (lead times can throw spanners in the works – give yourself at least 12-18 months when finding the one) so your boutique will have spoken to you prior about how the appointment will go.
–     You won’t need to bring anything other than yourself, your closest entourage, and the mindset of…I COULD FIND THE ONE!
During your appointment you will discuss your wedding vision with your stylist, what you DON’T want in a gown because the opposite often ends up being what you do want, you will try on gowns that may fit perfectly and ones that may need clamping or a panel in – all of this is normal, because again Bridal Sizing is a PAIN, and it needn’t be something you worry about, once your dress is altered you will be in between multiple sizes across the gown.
You should be open minded, but also if you know what you want be confident in choosing a gown that you have always envisaged wearing. As your appointment is taking place, take the time to try and envisage each gown on your wedding day, is this something you saw yourself in, does it fit in with the vision, is she giving you a feeling?
We often get asked how should I feel if I find the one? And there really is no point us answering this, other than to say EVERYONE feels a different way. Some cry, some don’t, some get excited some get worried, some panic, some jump up and down….every single bride is different, but if you have a feeling in one – go with that! Trust yourself, and commit to that gown!
Some people are worried about committing to a gown and you shouldn’t be, finding your wedding dress is single handily one of the most exciting parts of the wedding journey, having a moment in a dress is amazing, it isn’t about how many dresses you can try on, its about narrowing it down and finding the one. If that is the first, I say try a couple more on to make sure, but if you have seen her online and she lives up to your expectations, then hunny you have nailed it, do your research, go in open minded but with a clear vision around your wedding, and find that dream dress!!
Love Team Dotty
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