What the heck is a BRIDAL COACH?


Let us talk you through this NEW and NEEDED role within the wedding industry, not only that but we will touch on the importance of Wellness, Education & the need in taking time for you, during your wedding planning. This time can change your life, in so many ways if you allow it! LOOK FOR THE LESSONS!

So let me take a second to introduce myself, Alex, previous Dotty Bride, previous Dotty Bride employee, FOREVER DOTTY BRIDE FAN!


I started my own business as a Bridal coach during the Summer of 2020, I was a Covid Era bride and I felt the STRESS of wedding planning, but not in the way so many talk about. I broke it down, I made it manageable, I tried to understand it, I applied my background in mindset and business coaching to it, and realised the stress ALL brides feel is down to a few things, which are ALL controllable. Once boundaries are set, and these things are acknowledged.






Now the first is obvious, and it is so so important to have this clear and nailed down before anything else – How I help here 1) I introduce you to my in house financial planner, who will help you allocate correctly in line with your must have’s and desirables, I will facilitate this session by giving you a true reflection of the costs of suppliers and items in line with the current wedding industry and market.

It is also really important to gain insight, into where your budget is coming from through having conversations with family members, having these conversations early on, even though they may seem awkward is essential to get out of the way, as early on into your planning as possible!


And finally on this, having regular update meetings with each other on where your budget is at, what it is being spent on, deadlines, etc etc will BUILD on the communication element which is a HUGE lesson that needs to be expanded on before marriage, because once you are married, it becomes even more of a necessity to have this nailed down!

EXTERNAL NOISE – I have done the research, and those that plan for themselves, follow their hearts and let their own vision lead, and have open and honest conversations about budget from the OFF, have a MUCH more positive experience when it comes to planning their dream day!


The lesson of setting boundaries, and making it clear what is important for the two of you early on, with those around you, is one of the most powerful things you can do as a couple.


This leads me nicely into Education! Now let me take you back to School, what does the old saying go like? FAIL TO PREPARE, PREPARE TO FAIL! This is applicable in allll remits of LIFE!


Now a bride that is PREPPED, that is aware of pricing, suppliers, processes, alterations, customisations, time frames, lingo… is a more in control bride, is therefore a less concerned and isolated bride, she is a BOSS BRIDE!


One of my main aims, with what I do as a coach, is to hand hold in this way, it is to educate, and support and prepare you and arm you with the best knowledge, the best suppliers and the best MINDSET when it comes to carrying out your wedding planning. I make this happen through the elevation of your environment and your wedding build up, your BRIDAL ERA.


I arrange and host events that are bridal focussed, full of wellness antics that surround you with the best suppliers and best brides that are like minded and like you want to live their best lives, and transition into married life stress free with a whole host of incredible memories, ENTER OUR RETREATS! A brand new boujee concept which I launched last year, from Wellness education, to Intentional planning, to Skincare & Makeup masterclasses, to Life coaching and Stress management, to financial planning and SPA DAYS, these weekends are set in some of the most luxury venues across the UK, and are a tool and a resource for you to embrace and use to ensure you are getting the most out of this incredible time!


One thing I also encourage my brides to understand is that WE DO NOT GET THIS TIME BACK, there is NO RE RUN! And therefore it is essential that you are making the most of this walk to becoming Mrs… surrounding yourself with your best people, learning lots about yourself and your partner, and those around you, so that when you do transition into this next phase of your life, you are ready and not feeling down about the ‘Wedding BLUES’ you are very much high on the experience, and lean on that feeling and draw from it in times of need as you move forward through this time.

My role is very clear now, I am building a community of experts that want to elevate and educate and give you the bride, and your nearest and dearest the best experiences. You deserve it, and I cannot wait to work with you in whatever capacity you need – from, Supplier sourcing, Bridal retreats, (we even now arrange these as Hen/Pre Bridal celebrations for the bride that wants something a little more relaxed) To Boujee hen partys, on the day coordination PLUS SO MUCH MORE!

I will also put wellness plans together for you to ensure you are taking that time to look after you, self care is something that can have such a huge impact on you, without having to do too much. We work with 1000’s of brides each year, no two brides are the same, start your bespoke journey to stress free planning today!

The Bridal Bestie you didn’t realise you needed, I have been where you are now, and I know how to avoid the things you worry about probably daily.


Get in touch today via the email below, or the link below or follow us on Instagram!


Lots of Love & here is to stress free planning!