One of the most common questions we get asked, and actually one of the most common questions we ask our brides!!

TO Veil Or NOT TO Veil?????

A veil can be seen as a traditional element to a brides wedding vision. But it is also an accessory that brides love to have for the additional photos.
Wearing a veil doesn’t mean you become a traditional bride, it needs to just be seen as an item of your wedding wardrobe that adds to your overall appearance!
Now let’s talk style of veils, you could have a long cathedral veil, or a short two tier veil, with a lace trim, or adorned in sparkle or pearls! The options are endless…
A veil can also be customised to match your dress! Does your dress have lace on it, order extra applique from your designer and have it placed on your veil, where you decide, working with your seamstress to make your veil perfect for you!
Use Pinterest to your advantage for inspiration, give yourself time, think about it all coming together, and give yourself time when ordering too! It would also be advised to have your veil prior to having your hair and makeup trial done, so you can see your whole look together!
Ask your bridal stylist for advice, but DEFINITELY try them on! You just never know…
We are excited for you and can’t wait to see what you decide to go with!
Lots of Love
Team Dotty
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