Mrs Graham, (used to be Stocks) Amelia visited the Aisle Edit, to talk all things weddings with Alex, @brideinmind.
Amelia and Dom got engaged in Portifino, in 2020 she did have a slight inkling that Dom was going to ask, and this is something we like to touch on because, some brides if they do have an inkling feel its a negative, and that it wasn’t the big surprise, but it really doesn’t matter. Some discuss getting engaged for years! And for others it really is something just done on a last minute, ‘I am going to ask her/him right now’
Your journey is special and however it happens for you form part of your journey!
They had been together for 7 years, Amelia was anticipating it, but at the time, due to the circumstances that were presenting themselves to us, they had a few trips cancelled! And then Dom booked a surprise trip to Italy, I remember myself thinking on numerous holidays is this trip the trip, is it not, and we can’t help but wonder, and that is fine… its normal!
Presumption is something we don’t want to do, but you cant help it, as the excitement is just next level!!
Amelia like myself had a rough idea, she was an organised bride, having her Pinterest boards, she also knew she wanted a fitted gown with a low back, but other than that she was going into it with an open mind.
Once she got engaged, she started the research, found us a stockist of the designer she was considering may be the one, and booked her appointment, she also followed us on Instagram and fell in love with what we shared, the team, the approach-ability, the way we welcomed these brides in as if they were all our friends.
Amelia gave herself an 18 month time frame to plan her wedding, and she found her dress just over 12 months before her big day, which is the perfect time to do so. We advise 12-18 months for so many reasons – lead times need to be taken into consideration, your fittings to can take 2-3 months, dresses can take 8 months to be made. So give yourself that time to find the one, to avoid any unnecessary stress.
These podcasts/blogs are put together to inspire and help others brides listening/reading, so many may think I, Alex come from a place of sharing this information to win you over, to sell you a gown, it couldn’t be further from the truth. I know for one, a gown cant be sold to a bride, the bride and the gown find each other. Secondly we are stylists and consultant are there to guide, inspire and reassure you, encourage you to step into the best version of yourself, because that is how you should feel on your big day!
Next up, Amelia talks guest numbers and the importance of taking with you, the most important people. She was forced that hand because of Covid, but says that even if it hadn’t been the case, she now looking back would have brought the same number of people. Due to it being quite an overwhelming process, one in which you need to be able to think, and not have too many opinions involved.
The bottom line here is, your family and friends will love you in whatever you choose. So go with that…
Amelia fell in love with Dotty as soon as she stepped through the doors of the shop, it was relaxed, welcoming and everything she had thought it would be, head to the podcast and listen to this section in more detail, she goes into detail around her process on how she found the one, and how it felt for her. It feels so so different for everyone and we can’t put it into words really, but we will try. Just know you will know!
People think I am always positive, and I am…But here on the podcast I do talk about being open minded, its more about being true to yourself. Being true to what it is you want, don’t go in with the mindset of I want this sort of dress because that’s what everyone expects me to wear. Or that is bridal…you need to be lead by your heart! Go with what you know you will feel your best in!
What these podcasts are also really useful and beneficial for, those of you that choose to listen is we uncover and talk about milestones, and how wedding planning can feel overwhelming or isolating at times, and it need not, we normalise this and make you feel comfortable in the fact that this is a huge and pivotal journey in your life, embrace it and breathe through it.
Next up we discussed WOBBLES with Amelia, which are also SO normal, 9/10 brides have wobbles, so here again we normalise that feeling. Every time you step back into YOUR gown that you have chosen for YOU, it will make you feel amazing, even two years on I still feel the same, and would choose my gown over and over!
Its important here to mention the narrative as well, and the language we use, so wedding blues, lulls, are all terms that we associate with wedding planning, but we really need not, and we talk more about this on the podcast, and how to overcome ‘lulls’ and fill your time with things that will lift you up!
Getting married is a huge milestone that comes with a lot of emotion, guilt can be felt, overwhelm can be felt, fear can be felt. But we normalise this, it needs talking about more, it is a huge commitment, but talking about it and knowing that that little voice in your head making you question things is in every other brides head and probably groom swell at some point, and that’s ok… its just a big step forward through life, and it can feel a little unsettling. But the day itself will heal that! The love you feel will eradicate those concerns imminently.
Listen to Amelia talk about her day, how it all came to life, how her dress made her feel, and how it all happened exactly how she envisaged. She discusses her suppliers, and how to choose the right ones. You need to choose suppliers that are as invested in your day as you are! Every bride, every wedding is special. Find suppliers that hype you up and go above and beyond!
Here are some stunning images of Amelia on her big day, wearing the gorgeous Madi Lane Bridal gown, venue Wharfedale Grange.
We adore having our brides involved on these Podcasts, we hope you love listening and then reading these blogs! It means so much to us that they shout about the Dotty experience as much as they do, and if you are a Dotty bride, that would like to be involved please email us and if you are a bride to be wanting to now visit us, please book your appointment at the relevant store for you and get lost in the experience of finding your one!!
We cant wait to meet you soon!
Lots of Love
& Team Dotty/Edit/OTP