Tips on how to stay stress free whilst planning your big day
This is something we are super passionate about helping you with at Dotty Bridal, and across all three of our stores.
We want you to know and feel that this journey is the best, it can be overwhelming but if you surround yourself with those that lift you up, support you and are on the same page when it comes to your wedding vision, you will be just fine!
It is another reason why we have our very own Dotty Bride and now Bridal Coach in house too working with our brides. We wanted to give our brides more, a resource that if they ever needed, if they were ever worrying or just wanted a kind word of support, Alex is there to do just that @brideinmind.
SO our top tips with the input from the Bridal coach are as follows…
–       Do not rush your wedding plans, give yourself as much time as possible with all aspects. Obviously this sometimes isn’t possible or feasible but where you can do. You need to breathe in and enjoy every moment.
–       Surround yourself with only those that accept and love your wedding vision. Too many opinions can absolutely put a downer on your wedding planning. This is why we absolutely and again with the backing from Alex who works with brides across the UK, we advise bringing your THREE best people with you to your appointments. Any more than this and it can become quite diluted, which when finding your wedding dress, you don’t want, you need to head space to be able to bring your vision to life.
–       Find suppliers that are as invested in your day as you are! You want a team of hype men and women around you. That will go above and beyond to help you bring those wants and needs for your big day to life!
–       Trust your gut and instincts. We see so many brides thinking the norm is to visit every bridal shop they can. We advise (with research and numbers to back it up) not doing this. It is proven that if a bride does her research, finds a couple of shops that stock the styles and designers she loves, and she goes to these appointments with a ‘I could find my dress today’ vibe, she is 90% more likely to feel excited, and ready rather than unsure and overwhelmed. If you just turn up with no clue, and visit every shop you can, we guarantee you won’t remember the first, second, tenth dress you tried on, it will then feel stressful, you will feel dress blind, and you will associate the dress shopping process with negative feelings which is what we are trying to help avoid, through these blogs, our YouTube channel, and having our own Bride in house to help!
Envisage your day coming to life in the way you always saw it doing, and remember it is YOUR Day so it must happen in the way you want it to. You will never get this time again so do it right, take your time and make those wedding dreams come true!
We couldn’t be more excited for you! It is the most exciting time, but we know and that’s why we are here talking to you now, we know it can feel stressful, but if you follow the advice we have shared, you will eradicate that narrative and create your own story! Just as you deserve!
Lots of Love Always
Team Dotty
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