We’re excited to introduce to you our very own podcast!

Our brand new podcast, The Dotty Podcast, will bring you everything you want to know and everything there is to know about brides, your bridal journey, your dress and more!

Hosted by Alex and Shannon, we bring to you the very best of Dotty who will share with you their knowledge, stories and thoughts on all things bridal.

Each podcast will give our listeners between 25-60 minutes of jam-packed talks, interviews and of course a good giggle! We will cover a range of topics, bursting with a whole host of information, tips and guidance ranging from our buying guides, our designers and features with the rest of team Dotty!

It’s something that we’ve wanted to do for a while now and we’ve finally found the time in our diaries to get Shannon and Alex together to create a podcast aimed at helping our brides (and anyone else who wants to listen too!).

You can enjoy listening to The Dotty podcast at any time – that’s the beauty of it! And once you’ve listened, you can listen to it again or share it with friends.

We do hope that this becomes a valuable source of information to help you prepare for your journey from being a Miss to a Mrs.

Listen & subscribe to The Dotty Podcast here


What is a podcast?

A podcast is similar to a radio – an audio programme. You subscribe to it through your smartphone and you can listen to it whenever you like. They are great to listen to when you’re travelling or just want to unwind on an evening.