Introducing WONA Concept

WONA Concept is a hand-crafted Ukrainian Brand which emerged in the Bridal gown industry in 2009, by Ilona and Artur Shramko.
The word WONA translates to ‘she‘ in English. The brand name emphasises the brands commitment to their brides, who are the inspiration for all of their designs. WONA believe that each Bride’s unique beauty comes through when they find the gown that is perfectly crafted for them, which is exactly what they set out to do.
We love everything WONA stands for here at Dotty. Their core values are shaped around helping women highlight their unique style and personality on their special day. We are proud to stock some of the collections in our Dotty boutique for brides to try.
What makes WONA stand out, are their extraordinary gowns made from high quality fabrics, in the latest couture styles at affordable prices. Typically, their gowns range in price from £1500 to £3500. They have continued to capture the hearts of brides with their stunning designs.
Perfect for the modern Bride, WONA’s designs are sleek, sexy and sophisticated.
Despite the different silhouettes of the gowns, what all these dresses have in common is a modern and sophisticated flare. When you see the WONA collections you can see the perfect split of plainer, more simple gowns and glamourous, full detailed sparkly ones.
Both Astra, a plain satin ballgown with a statement neckline and Goddess, a glamourous, fit and flare gown with long detailed sleeves, are gowns suited for completely different brides, but both dresses ooze femininity and elegance and this renders throughout all of WONA’s designs.
We welcome you into store to try on the WONA Collection or you can browse it on our Dotty website linked below:
With love always
Team Dotty