Bridal Party

Responsibilities of each member

What an important blog to read…main reason being!!!! SO many brides do not like to ask for help, they do not like to bother people, and they do not like to delegate! WHY? Well it is probably because you are sat their thinking but this is our day and they may not be as bothered or they may be busy… I am here (BRIDAL COACH TO THE BRIDES) to reassure you, that when you are asked…. WILL YOU BE MY BRIDESMAID? Anyone that thinks that title doesn’t come with a necessity to support the bride, shouldn’t be in your bridal party!
Ask those you know WILL help, I have coached and worked with so many brides across the last few years that have opened up to me and said they just don’t feel that their bridal party as invested in their plans, and you as the bride don’t want to put on others. You need to know that being a bridesmaid is an honour, it’s such a privilege to be asked and you are well within your rights to ask for help… SO now we have that bit out of the way and you are feeling more inspired and confident to ask for help, here’s how your bridal party should be and can be helping you…(PS I know some of you will be feeling you have to ask certain people, and if you really do, then that is ok but we manage our own expectations then, and again a wholeee other blog but something I help with)
–       Your bridesmaids can/should plan your hen do’s if you want input of course, if you don’t leave it fully to them!
–       DIY aspects of your day – get them involved
–       Do any of your bridesmaids have a particular passion/hobby/skill? Utilise it!
–       On the day have a couple of bridesmaids that know your on the day plan inside out so they can ensure things are happening as and when they should be (you do not want to be lifting a finger on your day J )
–       Get a bridesmaid to go round with your guest book asking people to sign it
–       Same if you have a photobooth etc get them to encourage guests to utilise the extras you have put on
–       Get them to help you research into different suppliers for your special day
The list is extensive, a bridesmaid can and will help you however you need, and if she doesn’t, well you know where I am J I often slot into the role of Secret Bridesmaid, but your girls should and will want to help you!
Get planning those dream days ladies – with the help of your bride tribe, and make those special moments that will last a lifetime!
Lots of love
Alex & Team Dotty!
Alex – @brideinmind – Additional wedding support