Hayley Knox Real Bride

'Everything went really well and that was down to the dress, it stole the show, I felt amazing'

We love sharing our Dotty brides journey, from the moment the bride finds her incredible dress with us to the actual magical day itself.Read all about the newlyweds Hayley and Kyle on their wedding day and her experience at Dotty Bridal.

What was the highlight of visiting Dotty Bridal?
I had only been to one other store before visiting Dotty Bridal and I will never forget my mother’s face, she looked so unimpressed. She didn’t like the person we were talking to at the other store as she was very much a sales person and saying the price was going to be increased after that day, it felt like she was threatening us that prices were going up to push us into buying there and then. It really put me off. However, when I came to Dotty Bridal, it was completely different. I had two appointments, with Sophie and then Jo, as I initially liked one dress and then booked another appointment and chose a different one. The first dress I thought
I wanted was everything I imagined I would go for, but the more I thought about it, I thought it would be too figure-hugging.
On the other hand, the Dotty Mabel dress was really nice with a plunge ‘V’ at the front and fitted to the waist, but then flared out and it was so comfortable!

Was the Dotty Bridal experience what you expected?
Yes, everything about the experience at Dotty was amazing. I wasn’t overwhelmed as they took time to explain everything and talk me through the different dresses. We had a private talk about budget and preferences without any of my guests being
around, as I had been worried about everyone else’s opinions. So to discuss my expectations without anyone around made it much easier and I could just enjoy the experience, she really helped me.

Tell us about the dress and a tip you’d give for another bride-to-be when choosing their dress?
I just went with my gut instinct in the end, I was so torn between the two dresses but for me, comfort was the key. I felt so comfortable on the day and that was down to the right dress. I did alter the dress using Dotty’s seamstress, so for the evening do
the train was detached and I added a big bow to the back. It made it easier for dancing! Definitely go with your instincts and make sure you feel completely comfortable in it.

And finally, a bit about your wedding day…
We got married at Howsham Hall near Malton and it was a big wedding, even though it wasn’t originally meant to be! Everything went really well and that was down to the dress, it stole the show, I felt amazing.

Thank you so much Hayley and Kyle for sharing your experience with us and your your incredible pictures from your magical day.

Hayley wears Mabel from The Dotty Collection, images by Natalie Hamilton Photography. 

With love always

Team Dotty


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