EmpowerMEnt Campaign

What an exciting post to share with you at the start of a brand New Year. We can’t wait to share our EmpowerMEnt Campaign that we’ve been working hard on over the past few months here at Dotty.

At Dotty Bridal we are passionate about helping you achieve your dream Bridal Look. We know that this ‘Look’ is unique to each and every Bride, which is why we have created our very own EmpowerMEnt Campaign, to go alongside our new Dotty Collection which launched in the boutique at the end of last year.

The focus of our Campaign is to celebrate individuality and uniqueness. Each gown in the Dotty Collection is completely unique, just like all the lovely Brides we get to meet in appointments on a day-to-day basis.

The EmpowerMEnt Campaign is a reflection of Dotty’s core values and supports the feeling of confidence and empowerment we aim for all our Brides to experience when they come for an appointment with us.

As part of our Campaign, our team at Dotty and Off the Peg attended a very special photo shoot where we each got to wear our favourite Bridal gown from the new Dotty Collection. We had a fabulous time!

It felt important for us as a team to be a part of this Campaign since it is all about embracing what makes us individual and being confident in doing so, something which we already do within our team at Dotty.

Our team is made up of individuals with differing styles, personalities and body types and we wanted our Campaign to show this. To highlight that there is no ‘right’ way to look or dress on your special day, that there is beauty in variety.

The Dotty Collection

The Dotty Collection features a diverse range of styles so that every Bride can feel like the most radiant, elevated version of themselves. From the modern minimalist Bride looking for a plain and fitted gown, to the glamorous Bride searching for detail and sparkle, there are 19 gowns within the collection to reflect every personality.


We want to ensure every bride can express themselves on their big day and their personality can really come through, making their gown personal to them.


Empowerment means inclusion to us and the celebration of all body types, which is why our collection caters to brides from sizes 4 – 34.
Some of you may have already tried on some of our new Dotty collection, others may have even said YES to one of the gowns! If you’re not yet familiar with the collection, we welcome you to come and try it exclusively in store.
View the beautiful collection here
With love always,
Team Dotty


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