Dotty meets the Undercover Waiters

Like at Dotty, the singing waiters always place their clients at the heart of what they do.

Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with the Undercover Waiters who are this weeks special guest on the Bestie and the Boss podcast, which airs this Sunday! 

Shannon and Emma got to speak with the lovely Michael, the founder of the undercover waiters, to ask him all things business and how he’s managed to build up and expand such an amazing brand with such a unique concept. 

We found out about the Undercover Waiters and got to meet them at a wedding fair earlier this year at Bunny Hill where they performed. And since then we’ve discovered many of our Dotty brides have hired the undercover waiters for their wedding day too and have absolutely loved it. 

As the name suggests, the ‘waiters’ are hiding amongst your catering team, mingling amongst your guests till they reveal themselves as singing waiters. Whether you want 1,2 or even a group of 4 waiters at your wedding, they will perform  a set list of timeless songs that everyone of your guests will know and be able to join in with.

Like at Dotty, the singing waiters always place their clients at the heart of what they do. No two weddings are the same, so the team closely communicate with their clients to ensure they provide the best quality entertainment, fit specifically for your wedding.

As discussed in the podcast, Michael explains that the idea for the Undercover Waiters was formed back in 2016. With a background in music and production, Michael started off performing way back in 2010 and then the idea to set up a unique business like the undercover waiters was born. 

Since then, their incredible energy and amazing performances have put their names out there and the business has grow in popularity. More waiters have been carefully selected to make up a larger team, meaning up to 6 weddings a day in the UK can be catered for.

It’s very obvious that as a business they are precious about who is hired to work these events as keeping his team’s standards to the same level as Michael and his team is so important for them. Which is something we collectively strive for at Dotty too. Our level of customer service is the most valuable to us and it’s important that our whole team share this same vision. 

One important question we wanted to ask Michael was if he and his team ever feel pressure prior to an event to bring the vibe to the weddings they perform at. Michael responded saying that there definitely is responsibility to do so, but they know exactly what their clients have paid for and the energy they want and expect them to bring, therefore they never fail to set out to achieve this. 

Shannon and Emma had the best morning speaking to Michael and we think you’ll love this episode of the podcast. 

Check the link below to listen to the full podcast with Michael from Sunday 30th June - it’s not one to be missed! 


And check out the amazing team at undercover waiters below where you can book them for your very own event! 

(Wedding related or not): THE UNDERCOVER WAITERS


Lots of love always 

Team Dotty 


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