When is a good time to start looking for my dress? 

Every bride is different and this is very personal to you but we would advise looking for your dress around 12-18 months in advance. This does not however mean that we need this amount of time to order your gown in. We have some of the worlds best designers and we can order all our gowns to arrive within a 6 month period with a further 8 weeks for alterations. 

Allowing 12-18 months takes away the pressure as some brides do find it tricky to find their perfect dress so allowing this amount of time will ensure you don’t have to panic and you can make a clear decisions.

Don’t panic if you have less than 6 months as we are able to get certain designers and styles in much quicker than this so we are always able to help.

What sizes are your sample dresses?
in bloom pronovias
Pronovias and Atelier Pronovias ‘In Bloom’ 2019 Collection

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