Name: Mrs Dutton

Date: 4.8.2017

Dress: House Of Mooshki Lily Dress

Wedding Venue: Woodman Inn

Photographer: James Melia

Comments: “Bride on a budget as we weren’t having a huge wedding. We wanted a very relaxed, handmade DIY wedding to keep costs down, so after visiting a few bridal boutiques which I thought was right for my budget, definitely weren’t right at all. So back to the drawing board, doing my research on the designer and style I loved and came across Dotty. After the previous very disappointing appointments, as soon as I walked through the door at Dotty I knew I’d find my dress. The luxury boutique was something quite special, and what an incredible memorable experience I had. Every part of the Dotty experience only makes finding your dress an absolute dream. The service, experience and choice and price was second to none. I felt as though I was in the company of friends when in the boutique, and leaving as friends I did. Dotty was part of me even after getting Married. I couldn’t keep away and offered to help out with their photography and photoshoots. Shannon and the team could see I had a flare for all things bridal and gave me the amazing opportunity to come and work with the team for a couple of days a week. 3 years later, I’m now full time and running OTP and it has been the best 3 years of my life! How can you call it work when you love every second of it.”


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