Sourcing the best suppliers for your wedding
One of our most asked questions….do you have any recommendations for…?
Wedding suppliers are a key aspect of your day to get right. We say it with whomever you choose to get your dress from. They need to be a business you love on face value, they have a good and authentic social media presence, good reviews, word of mouth recommendations, and just an overall feeling to them that makes you feel relaxed and welcome!
Red flags to avoid!!!!
–       Suppliers that take A LONG TIME TO RESPOND
–       Suppliers that DON’T have reviews, or a personal element to their social platforms (that doesn’t mean they have to be showing their face all the time as some aren’t comfortable doing that but they are super approachable and super talented) you know…just make sure you are communicating with REAL people!
–       Professionalism is a must! So someone who doesn’t seem invested in your day is a NO GO!
We work with and recommend so many suppliers, just ask our team when you visit us, see our social media for shares, and speak to Alex @brideinmind who has a supplier network you can delve in to!!
(Above Photography by Rebecca Kerr for Nori Ivy collection. Floral styling by Walter and Blossom)
But our overall advice, is to use the social media world to your advantage, do they come across as the people you want to have working on your wedding day? Does their style fit in with your overall theme and vibe?
If YES then book a call with them, and a supplier that is as invested in your day as you are is the sort of supplier you want – it is these suppliers that will enable you to fully relax and leave your plans in your spreadsheets the morning/day of your wedding, because you know the people you have chosen to work with you on your special day, will bring your vision to life on your behalf, because they are awesome at what they do and they care about their brides…
Any specifics you would like help with just message us!!
Lots of Love
Team Dotty