I get so excited when thinking about our fantastic new venture Dotty Taylor and I just wanted to give you all an incite into why we decided to take the plunge and open our 2nd bridal boutique and this time a bridal boutique stocking some of the best known names in the bridal industry.
Well it all started at the back end of last year when we had such a successful first 6 months in Evelyn that I started to think what if?? What if we opened a brand new bridal shop? We set out to the Harrogate bridal show in early September last year and met so many wonderful designers and decided yes lets give it a go. There has been many a hurdle along the way and two premises later we found the most perfect spot of all, Joe’s old bike shop in Holmfirth!! We first went to look at the old bike shop in December last year and we put an offer in early January, our offer was accepted and then came the agonising wait (that’s another story in itself!) we waited a total of seven months and eventually moved in at the beginning of August. I’m sure when friends and family asked they probably thought I was lying about the shop as my dad and I were the only ones who had actually seen it. However without the support of our Juey (my mum) we certainly wouldn’t be where we are now.
Anyway sorry I’m babbling so after our offer was accepted I sent in a little stockist’s inquiry to the world’s most prestigious bridal designer and the one, which I would love to introduce today! This is possibly our best and worst kept secret, as we have been dying to say that Dotty Taylor Bridal is now an exclusive premium stockist of PRONOVIAS! We have in store over 25 exquisitely designed 2016 gowns and we can’t wait for you ladies to come and try them.
In May we had the honour and the privileged of being invited to Barcelona to pick our gowns and also be a part of the beautiful ‘Once upon a Time’ fashion show it was fantastic and Anna & I were treat like royalty for the whole weekend. Here’s a little snippet video of the fashion show.
Theirs a lot more to this story but it’s far too long for Facebook so keep checking back for the launch of our brand new website where we will share with your our story on the blog.
This week we will be announcing our other beautiful designers and we are so passionate about the brands we have to share with you and know all our new brides to be will love them as much as we do!

Love Shannon x

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